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Wythenshawe Forum Trust provides strategic leadership and management of the Forum Centre and in our annual report this year we have taken a look at how our stakeholders on site have tailored their services to meet the ever changing needs of local people. There is also a glimpse into the early days at the Forum, when it was designed as a unique centre housing co-located services that would really make a difference to the lifestyles of its local community.

Over forty years have passed since then and we still think it is unique in what it offers...

Where else can you keep fit and enjoy leisure pursuits, participate in group or club activities, indulge in some reading, learn something new, attend a meeting or a conference, see a great concert, get health advice and treatment, book a holiday, grab a coffee and a newspaper, or use a great nursery for your child... all on one site?

We are living in times of an ever diminishing public purse, so it is essential for services to try and work together where they can. The Trust continues to have strong partnerships with organisations and venues around Wythenshawe, which help to maintain programmes such as the ever popular Summersonic, the Wythenshawe Games, Grand Day Out and the Saturday Night Project.

We have finally seen the launch of Wythenshawe's new transport interchange which completes the Forum hub and ensures that the centre is easily accessible by road, bus, tram, or cycle, with the added benefit of being on the Manchester Airport orbital cycle way.

Finally, I would like to thank all the Forum staff and my fellow board members for their continued hard work in these challenging times and on behalf of the Wythenshawe Forum Trust, I hope that you continue to benefit from the broad range of facilities and opportunities provided by the Forum

Nigel Wilson


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