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About Wythenshawe Forum Centre

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The Forum Regeneration Project

The original Forum opened in 1971. One of Manchester's largest public buildings, it had a leisure centre, library, theatre, main hall and meeting rooms.

By the mid 1990's it was under used, had deteriorated internally and externally and needed substantial investment.

With the plans to extend Manchester's Metrolink tram system to Manchester Airport via Wythenshawe, there was a concern that Wythenshawe residents would go elsewhere for their leisure and cultural activities.

From 1998 onwards the Wythenshawe Partnership and Manchester City Council conducted extensive consultation with the local community and feasibility work around a number of options.

In December 2001 this all led to a redevelopment strategy for the building, the main elements of which were:

  • A complete physical remodeling of the existing building and the addition of two new build elements devoted to childcare and health.
  • A re-engineering of local services around the Forum to focus on four integrated service elements; leisure, adult learning, childcare and health on one site - provided by a variety of public and private sector partners.
  • An innovative management framework led by the Wythenshawe Forum Trust, an independent, not for profit body established to steer the project forward, provide strategic management and ensure partnership working on an ongoing basis.

Additionally the new Forum, along with a new police sub-divisional headquarters and improved transport link was designed to help strengthen the town centre, and provide a landmark project to raise Wythenshawe's profile within Manchester and beyond.


The New Forum

The newly refurbished Forum is a complete contrast to the old 1970's building.

The refurbishment has created a new feel and appearance. External improvements include new cladding, improved car parking and lighting, and impressive entrances incorporating public artworks designed by artists working with local people.

Visitors enter a light, airy, central concourse which as well as providing access to the various zones within the Forum, also features a one-stop reception area, a café, pharmacy and a newsagent. Visitors to the Forum can now also take advantage of the services of a travel agent, accessed from the concourse adjacent to the library.

Each zone within the Forum is either new or completely remodeled. To find out more information about the Forum zones use the links on the left.